Mark Palmos - Editor, Candid Photographer, 360 Tours

Editing can make or ruin a video, and experience makes all the difference.

I’m Mark Palmos. I’ve produced, directed and edited hundreds of videos, from TV commercials and music videos to documentaries and corporates. And I'm now specialising in working from home, editing projects for my clients remotely.

In order to compete with vastly less experienced editors who are still living with their mums rent-free, my rates are extremely competitive, actually lower than they were in 2001 when I started working on the ITV show Dial-A-Date as an editor.

People Videos

Interviews, Podcasts, Seminars

A huge number of videos produced these days are "people videos" - videos where someone is being filmed talking about something.

These videos can often be very simple, just a basic message OR one could add visuals, like the cutaways and graphics as highlighted below. Here is a "people video" montage showing some of these basic videos made for my clients.

Adding Cutaways

Footage which is filmed to be edited over some of the "person talking bit"

Cutaways, or B-roll, is the most common element used to "spice up" a "people video". Basically it boils down to adding extra footage, either created by you or stock footage. This could be product shots, or a montage of shots showing a specific processes or even just your busy office showing your professionalism. A series of shots like this could be a edited to music or simply be visuals edited over the sound of someone talking.

If you would like ideas or advice on what kinds of images you could get for your video, I'm happy to offer this advice for free, once I've got the edit job ;)

Adding Graphics

Graphics or titles are used mostly to illustrate a point or to visually structure the video into topics

Graphics, charts and titles can be added to a video to simply illustrate a point, or to "jazz it up". Graphics can be as basic as images that you, the client provides, or something I can make up for you. If the budget allows, it's preferable to have me redo your charts and graphs as I would be able to inject some animation into what would otherwise be a static image.

If you have brand guidelines you'd like to adhere to, all the graphics and text we create will be with your font, and match your corporate colours.

Other Projects

Interactive 360° Virtual Tours

Look In 360 is the working name of the virtual tour part of my work. Interactive Virtual Tours can combine Google Street View-type navigation with on screen text, graphics, photos, music and even live video footage filmed at those same locations to create immersive experiences. They are great for: 

1  Real Estate developers/managers to showcase properties
2  Show off your business to investors, distributors, stockholders 
3  Effective Safety tour with interactive information/quiz 
4  HR tour for to new employees to heighten brand awareness, workplace integration and enthusiasm

Click HERE to see a sample interactive tour I made for Dreams, to showcase their factory near Birmingham.

Candid Photography

Noticing and capturing rare and fleeting moments is what candid photography is all about. My passion it for comes from my years of studying "Decisive Moment Street Photography" at the Nelson Mandela University, and I curently run the Facebook group, The Decicive Moment Street Photgraphy Group. The same skills used to capture great moments on the street are applied easily to being able to spontaneously grab these moments in any situation, be it a corporate event, office scenes, a social event... anything really. Here are a few shots of multi-olympic-gold-medal-winner, Max Whitlock visiting Dreams Bedquarters and factory:

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I'm also available on Skype, WhatsApp, Signal & Telegram

The Bottom Line

£200 per day / £100 for half a day
£25 per hour for tweaking this and that or re-encoding

360 tours from £160 complete and published
See https://lookin360.co.uk