£640 for a day
£440 for half a day (up to 4 hours on location).
These include the Director-Cameraman, and all the regular kit.

£320 per day or
£160 for half a day
£80 for a tweak up to two hours, or re-encoding

The regular VideoBlurb productions come with an HD Sony Camera, 2 Sennheiser wireless Microphones and a 3-light portrait kit. The BuzzVids package (below) uses the same kit, except for 1 soft-light instead of a 3 light set.

Teleprompter costs £160 per day or part day.
Extra cameras, 3D animated graphics, aerial photography, complex audio for panel discussions etc, are all available upon request.


The main advantages of using a Prompters are:
1. to allow the speaker to concentrate on their delivery and tone rather than trying to remember every point
2. words spoken are pre-approved, crisp and succinct
3. far less stressful for the speaker
4. editing is much quicker as all the takes have identical content

On location, I coach the speakers to read in a way that disguises the fact they are reading.

BuzzVids Package - a streamlined, simple option:  BuzzVids is a streamlined, but restricted package designed for quick interviews and fast turn-around (less than 24 hours).
The package comes with the same equipment and experienced director/cameraman, but with a single light and no prompter option.

£440 gets you up to 1 hour of filming and up to 2 hours of editing. In less than 24 hours from starting to film you will have your completed, encoded videos. You could shoot up to 3 or 4 in that hour, if your subject speaks about their subject really well!