Consultations are free. Based on your needs, we will suggest one or two possible approaches, and will be very clear about the total cost entailed.

Knowing what you want is our first step... we ask:
What is the objective of the video?
Who is going to be watching it, and where?
What are your main points?

Filming -
The goal is to get the best out of our subjects. Filming people, for example, requires being gentle, relaxed, patient and having a sense of humour. Filming is usually done at your premesis, but can be done anywhere. When doing long presenter based videos, the use of a Tele-Prompter is often recommended for time efficiency and allowing the interviewee to focus on delivery rather than worrying about remembering all the lines.

Editing and Encoding -
Editing and Encoding can happen on the same day as the shoot if the project is short and simple. This varies with complexity and length of project, but our turn-around is always very quick.

Confidentiality -
we work companies ranging from the world's largest media buying company to a PR company down the road... all treated with absolute care and integrity.